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Proceedings of the 7th International Python Conference

November 10-13, 1998
Houston, Texas

Keynote Speaker: Homesteading theD Noosphere
Eric Raymond

The Internet

Implementing the SMS server, or why I switched from Tcl to Python (pdf file)
Frank Stajano, Olivetti-Oracle Research Laboratory

Mailman: An Extensible Mailing List Manager using Python (postscript)
Ken Manheimer, Barry Warsaw, CNRI; John Viega, Reliable Software Technologies
A Python-Based Production System for High Volume Electronic Publishing (postscript)
Sean Mc Grath, Digitome
Invited Talk: JPython
Recent and Coming Events in the Happy Integration of Python (PowerPoint, ~239KB)
Jim Hugunin, CNRI

Optimizing Python

A Peephole Optimizer for Python (postscript)
Skip Montanaro, Automatrix

Converting Python Virtual Machine Code to C (postscript)
John Aycock, University of Victoria

Virtual Methods Tables in Python (postscript)
Martin von Löwis, Humboldt-University of Berlin
Keynote Speaker Commodity Supercomputing with Python
David Beazley

Extending and Compiling

A facility for creating Python extensions in C++ (pdf file)
Paul F. Dubois, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Compiling Little Languages in Python (postscript)
John Aycock, University of Victoria

PyFront: Conversion of Python to C Extension Modules (postscript)
Jonathan Riehl, United Space Alliance

Evolutionary Prototyping: "Add Later" Static Types for Python
Roger Masse, CNRI

Invited Talk: Python - the Next Seven Years (PowerPoint file)
Recent and Coming Events in the Development of the Python Language
Guido van Rossum, CNRI

Applications II: Science and Simulation

Beyond: A Portable 3D Simulation Framework (postscript)
Jason L. Asbahr, asbahr.com

Python as a Discrete Event Simulation Environment (postscript)
F. Oliver Gathmann, D. Dudley Williams, University of Toronto

Python Vuh: Mayan Calendrical Mathematics with Python (pdf file)
Ivan Van Laningham

Short Talks

GRiNS (formerly CMIFed) - A GRaphical iNterface for SMIL (postscript)
Sjoerd Mullender, CWI

Whiz: Web-based Wizards
Neal Pickett, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Python for Scientific Visualization (postscript)
Michel F. Sanner, The Scripps Research Institute

XPlan, a Commercial Workflow and Electronic Form Package
Mike J. Hopkins, Orbotech, Inc.

A Portable Plotting Framework
David Ascher

CGIui - an Object Oriented CGI User Interface for Python Applications
(postscript part 1) (part2)
Jeffrey J. Kunce, Missouri Department of Conservation

PyGrove: handling tree-structured information
Paul Prescod


GRiNS (formerly CMIFed)- A GRaphical iNterface for SMIL (postscript)
Sjoerd Mullender

Building enhanced visual GUIs on the Windows NT Platform with Pythonwin
Ryan Hughes, Neuberger & Hughes

Python at work at Secret Labs AB
Häkan Karlsson, Secret Labs AB

Recent Advances in Grammar-based Rapid Application Development (postscript)
Jonathan D. Riehl and Charlie Fly, United Space Alliance

Journyx WebTime: Proving Python's Commercial Readiness (postscript)
Andrew Reutter, Journyx

Python CE: Programming in Python on Windows CE Based Devices
Jeff Bauer, Rubicon, Inc.

A Python-Based Image Acquisition, Display, and Analysis Program
Roger Burnham, Cambridge Research and Instrumentation, Inc.

Fortran 77 Extension Builder for Python (pdf)
Luke Bishop, Photon Research Associates, Inc.

Internet Access to an Optical Microscope (postscript)
A.M. Kuchling, CNRI


Nothing better than a Python to write a Serpent (pdf)
Frank Stajano, Olivetti Oracle Research Laboratory & University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

VCK: the Visual Cryptography Kit (pdf)
Frank Stajano, Olivetti Oracle Research Laboratory & University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

GPC - A job Scheduler (not only) for Radar Image Processing
Hubert Hoegl, German Aerospace Center/Remote Sensing Data Center

Python in a Drug Discovery Environment (post-script)
Andrew Dalke, Bioreason, Inc.


This volume is published as a collective work. The authors or their respective employers copyright the individual contributions. The compilation is Copyright 1998 Foretec Seminars, Inc.. Permission is granted for non-commercial reproduction of the complete work for educational or research purposes. Foretec acknowledges all trademarks herein.