Re: python wrapper for tk toolkit

Adrian Phillips - Tandem User (
18 May 1994 06:37:34 GMT

Right here is the gumph on tkperl5 if anyone is interested, note the
complete lack of tcl. Note, there are two projects, one for perl4 (to
be made for perl 5 as well and interacts with tcl :-( ) and this one
which is solely perl 5. Also it has no tcl interaction, just perl;
whether this means it would be easier to port to python, I've no idea.

Put it on the TODO list - whose though ? :-)



Announcing tkperl5alpha2:
The alpha2 release of tkperl5 is now available by anonymous ftp
from ( in directory /src/ALPHA.

tkperl5 is a port of Tk to `native' Perl5. It takes advantage of perl5's
object oriented features and magic variables to implement the Tk widget
set in Perl5. Nothing touches the Tcl parser so knowledge of Tcl
is not required. Unlike the alpha1 release, I consider this release to
be more than just a release `...for the brave and insatiably curious.'

New features:
* A GUI version of the perl debugger
(source line tracking/display, variable tracking/display, and a
`pad' for executing perl code and debugger commands)
* Asynchronous I/O
(your callback gets invoked when a filehandle is ready.)
* Simplified widget inheritance
(write composite widget objects in perl, use @ISA and redirect
inherited methods to the appropriate sub-widget)
* Follows `perl module' conventions
* Asynchronous timed callbacks
(`after' command sets a timer after which callback is invoked.)
* Cleaned-up widget creation
(at widget creation, can specifiy parent object rather than new pathname.)
* Hooks for class initialisation of user-written widget classes.

* Building from source now works with tk 3.6
* Now fixed so that it core dumps on exit when perl5alpha6 tries to
clean-up variables. OK, it's not a fix, but it saves putting in a
`BUGS' section.

* perl5alpha6 source distribution (for headers, libperl.a and perl.o)
* tk3.3 or later (library and public and private header files)

Known to work with the following (and executables for these are available)
* Linux
* Ultrix (4.3A)
* SunOS (4.1.1)

Files: (black is

tkperl5a2.tar.gz gzipped source distribution
tkperl5a2-linux.tar.gz gzipped distribution, source + Linux binary
tkperl5a2-sun.tar.gz gzipped distribution, source + SunOs binary
tkperl5a2-ultrix.tar.gz gzipped distribution, source + Ultrix binary

This project is unrelated to the one which is adding usubs to
perl4 to get access to Tk via Tcl.

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