Re: python makefiles for windows nt

Jaap Vermeulen (
Mon, 16 May 94 18:53:20 GMT

In <> (Sam Rushing) writes:

>I asked a week or two ago about makefiles for nt/win32, and
>the only reply I got was from someone else that wanted the same thing.

Oops, I must have missed your message. Yes, I built V1.0.1 on NT and
that's the version that's available from cwi.

>I've thrown together some makefiles, config.[ch], etc.. that will
>build a minimal python (1.0.2, all the os-dependent modules ripped
>out). It's not much, but it's a start for those that need to build
>their own.

Are these your built-in modules?:

['__builtin__', '__main__', 'array', 'marshal', 'math', 'md5', 'nt',
'parser', 'regex', 'rotor', 'strop', 'struct', 'sys', 'time']

>To build it, just unpack the zipfile in ./python-1.0.2 (if you're
>using pkzip, use whatever option does subdirectories), and type

I'll make a V1.0.2 version available shortly...


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