Re: vpApp probs

Robin Friedrich, x2974,RSOC (
16 May 1994 16:12:39 GMT

In article, (Per Spilling) writes:
> (Robin Friedrich) wrote:
>> The CreateHierarchyWindow function in the Class browser demo does not
>> create a readable diagram. The middle of the window is blanked out.
>On my machine this works just fine. I suggest you make sure that you are
>using the new distribution. Sometimes old .pyc files can cause problems...
I don't doubt that it works fine on your machine. I have untarred a fresh
copy of the library and reran the pbrowse app and the view window still is
malfunctioning as I stated. I am using a SPARCstation 10 running Open Windows
3.0 under SunOS 4.1.3. I'm not sure if the Open Look window manager is the
culprit though. Do you have an opinion on this? Has anyone run pbrowse on
such a setup?

Robin Friedrich