Re: Multi-line string extension

Jaap Vermeulen (
Tue, 26 Apr 94 18:30:10 GMT

In <> (Guido van Rossum) writes:

>Since Python inherits most of its lexical conventions from C anyway, I
>would be most happy with choice number 1. This implies that a
>multi-line string with embedded newlines should be written like this:
> print "This is a message\n\
>containing a newline"
>instead of
> print "This is a message
>containing a newline"
>If you want the indentation to line up, you will be able to write
> print "This is a message\n" \
> "containing a newline"
>Personally, I will continue to write
> print "This is a message"
> print "containing a newline"
>which most pleases my own sense of esthetics :-)

I would like to format long messages without having to rewrite them all
the time. In other words, the sh feature of having multi-line strings
without any strange characters allows me to run the formatter over it.
Any solution that takes special characters will disable this feature.



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