Multi-line string extension

Donald Beaudry (
Fri, 15 Apr 94 10:27:22 EDT

I've recently been writing some Python code where I found that it
would be real convenient if Python had some sort of multi-line string
token built in to the language.

An example of this would be

big_string = \
this is a really big multi line string that
has embedded "double quotes" and 'single quotes'

the resulting string would be equivalent to

big_string = \
'this is a really big multi line string that \n' +\
'has embedded \"double quotes\" and \'single qoutes\''

but would be a lot easier to type and read. And as an extra bonus,
it would generate code that was much more efficient.

The idea is that between the %( and %) you could type anything you
wanted without having to escape anything except an embeded %).

So, what do you think? (as if I really need to ask :)


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