Re: python strings

Jaap Vermeulen (
Tue, 26 Apr 94 18:40:18 GMT

In <> writes:

>When I introduced "..." as alternative string quotes (under much
>pressure from certain people -- you know who you are :-) I
>deliberately made the semantics identical to those of single quotes --
>this was discussed on the mailing list. My preference for
>triple-quoted strings would be again that they behave identical to
>standard strings EXCEPT for their one redeeming feature (that they can
>span lines without the need of backslashes).

I always thought it was a waste to have ' and " identical. I must have
missed a part of the discussion (I was away for some time) since I fail
to see the redeeming feature of triple double quotes. Why not just use
a single double quote for that?

(Either solution will run the risk of unterminated strings. Use ' for
single line strings, " for multi-line strings. Instead of ' or " for
single line strings, """ for multi-line strings. Also, the triple
quote lookes horrible. :-( )


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