More on dynamic loading

Simeon H. Fitch (
Wed, 13 Apr 1994 02:34:03 GMT

Many thanks to all of you who responded to my plea. After some more
investigation I have narrowed the problem down further. As a recap, I
am implementing a Python module in C++ that I want loaded at runtime.
I am using g++ v2.4.5 and ld under SunOS on a Sparc10.

First, it has nothing to do with the number of files that you link
together. It just happened in my previous case that several of the
extra objects that I was linking in were causing the problem (sorry).

It turns out that my problem is with certain C++ operators and
objects, particularly (but I doubt limited to) 'new' and 'cerr'. The
dynamic loader does not seem to be able to resolve these names.

I create my module with the following:

g++ -c testmodule.C -o testmodule.o
ld -o testmodule.0 -lg++

Whenever I try to load the object in Python I get the error: Undefined symbol: ___builtin_new

For example, the following simple module dynamically creates an
integer and passes its value back to python.


#include "allobjects.h"

object* test_demoTest(object* self, object* args) {

char* myString;
int* myInt;

if(!getargs(args, "s", &myString)) {
return NULL;
myInt = new int;

*myInt = 42;

return mkvalue("(si)", myString,*myInt);


static struct methodlist testMethods[] = {

{"demoTest", test_demoTest},
{NULL, NULL} // Sentinel


extern "C"
inittest() {

(void) initmodule("test", testMethods);



import test
print test.demoTest('Hello world.')


and the output should be:

('Hello world.', 42)

Sure, for this case I could just use malloc (yuck) insead of new, but
I will still have the same problem when I want dynamic creation of
classes. I also get an undefined symbol error if I use 'cerr' or
'cout', etc., which leads me to believe that something that is
supposed to get linked in, isn't, although I would have thought that
these C++ constructs would have been covered by the inclusion of
'-lg++' in the making of the .so file.

Anyway, I'll keep hacking on this one and let ya'll know if I figure
anything out. This has got to be possible, right?



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