Re: Editor using Python?

Mark Hammond (
Wed, 13 Apr 1994 00:36:59 GMT

In article <2ns1gb$>, (Gary Capell) says:
> (Mark Hammond) writes:
>>What I would like is something that will allow me to build a message
>>editor using Python. Hopefully someone has started this already.
>errr, how about posix.system(posix.environ['EDITOR']+' '+filename)?
>Sure, use python to massage files, but we _already have_ tools for
>editing files.

Sorry, but I didnt make myself clear. By "X Platform" I meant
"Cross Platform". Unfortunately, your solution above isnt in this

>First try existing tools, then try modifying old tools, only then
>invent new ones.

Absolutely - that is why I am posting, hoping I _can_ steal someone
elses work :).

But it doesnt sound primising :-(

>If what you're after IS an editor for structured text, perhaps
>comp.infosystems.www or comp.editors would have people more qualified?
Thanks - I will try there...