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Conference Program In Detail (Tentative)

November 10-13, 1998 - South Shore Harbour Resort, Houston, Texas

Tuesday, November 10 - Tutorials

See the separate tutorial program.

Wednesday, November 11 - Paper Presentations, Day One

See also the paper abstracts.
8:00 am Registration
8:30 am Opening
9:00 am Keynote Homesteading the Noosphere
Eric Raymond
Custom, ego, and property in the open-source community
10:00 am coffee break
10:30 am Papers Applications I: The Internet

Implementing the SMS server, or why I switched from Tcl to Python
Frank Stajano, Olivetti-Oracle Research Laboratory

Mailman: An Extensible Mailing List Manager using Python
Ken Manheimer, Barry Warsaw, CNRI; John Viega, Reliable Software Technologies

A Python-Based Production System for High Volume Electronic Publishing
Sean McGrath, Digitome

12:00 noon lunch break
1:30 pm Invited
Jim Hugunin
Recent and coming events in the happy integration of Python and Java
2:30 pm Papers Optimizing Python

A Peephole Optimizer for Python
Skip Montanaro, Automatrix

Converting Python Virtual Machine Code to C
John Aycock, University of Victoria

Virtual Method Tables in Python
Martin von L÷wis, Humboldt-University of Berlin

4:00 pm tea break
4:30 pm Demos and
See separate program
6:00 pm adjourn
7:00 pm Conference
(till 8:30 pm)

Thursday, November 12 - Paper Presentations, Day Two

8:00 am Registration
8:30 am Keynote Commodity Supercomputing with Python
David Beazley
Python on supercomputing systems, and its role in the 1998 Gordon Bell Prize Competition, where a Python-driven application achieved 10 Gflops sustained performance on a Linux cluster
9:30 am coffee break
10:00 am Papers Extending and Compiling

A facility for creating Python extensions in C++
Paul F. Dubois, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Compiling Little Languages in Python
John Aycock, University of Victoria

PyFront: Conversion of Python to C Extension Modules
Jonathan Riehl, United Space Alliance

Evolutionary Prototyping: "Add Later" Static Types for Python
Roger Masse, CNRI

12:00 noon lunch break
1:30 pm Invited
Python - the next seven years
Guido van Rossum
Recent and coming events in the development of the Python langauge
2:30 pm Papers Applications II: Science and Simulation

Beyond: A Portable 3D Simulation Framework
Jason L. Asbahr

Python as a Discrete Event Simulation environment
F. Oliver Gathmann, D. Dudley Williams, University of Toronto

Python Vuh: Mayan Calendrical Mathematics with Python
Ivan Van Laningham

4:00 pm tea break
4:30 pm Short talks See separate program
6:00 pm adjourn

Friday, November 13 - Developers' Day

See the separate Developers' Day program.