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The Sixth International Python Conference

October 14-17, 1997 - San Jose, California

Sponsored by CNRI and the PSA
Co-sponsored by USENIX, the Advanced Computing Systems Association

The conference is over. These pages remain as a memento. The proceedings are available.

Conference Information:

  • Registration
  • Hotel Information
  • Conference Program
  • Call for Short Talks
  • Call for Papers

    Come join us and meet other Python users at the sixth Python conference this fall. This conference will be bigger and better than ever. We start with a full day of tutorials, where the best Python experts in the world share their knowledge with both beginners and advanced Python users. Next we'll have two days of refereed paper presentations, where you'll hear about the most exciting applications, tools and extensions written by other Python users. And last but not least, come to the developers' day and discuss the future of Python with Python's creator, Guido van Rossum.

    Whether you're a Python user or a developer, whether you're using Python to write CGI scripts or to control scientific calculations, whether you're using it on Unix, Windows or Macintosh, don't miss the most exciting Python event ever!