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Wanted: Short Talks

Not everybody who's got an interesting project and would like to tell the world about it is willing to sit down and write a long paper. And not all projects are in a describable stage several months before the conference. Therefore, we have left space in the paper sessions program for short talks.

We have reserved an hour and a half, enough for 15 talks of 10 minutes each. The rules are simple: you submit a one-page abstract (absolutely not longer!) in plain text via email to the program committee by September 19. You receive notification of acceptance two weeks later. At the conference, you can present for 7 minutes, after which you are cut off and the audience is given three minutes for questions. No live demos please (use the breaks!); plain overhead transparencies only.

Content-wise, anything goes, as long as it is deemed interesting for a room full of Python users and developers, and as long as the content is technical, not marketing material.

Send your submissions by September 19 to: ipc6-papers@python.org.