Re: new Tkinter

Ray Johnson (
Tue, 21 Jun 94 19:03:22 GMT

In article <> Bill Janssen <> writes:
>Excerpts from ext.python: 20-Jun-94 Re: new Tkinter
> (1039)
>> This may or may not be a problem. It means that Python code that
>> dynamically generates lots of temporary widgets will have to be a
>> little bit more careful to destroy them. But then, the same is true
>> for Tcl code (in Tcl widgets are never automatically destroyed except
>> when the program exits).
>I'd hate to screw up garbage collection just to behave like Tcl.

What exactly do you mean by the above comment? Tcl widgets are
destroyed when ever the parent widgets are destroyed. If you destroy
a toplevel window (say a file selector box) all the widgets associated
with that window are also destroyed. The Tcl user does not have todo
anything special to destroy the widgets associated with that window.

So either your comment is wrong or I'm misunderstanding you. Which,
of course, is always possible...


Ray Johnson
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