new Tkinter
Mon, 20 Jun 1994 11:19:12 +0200

There's another new Tk interface on in pub/python as
tkinter.tar.gz. Below is the ChangeLog since the previous one. Note
that for some demos (MimeViewer and mbox) you need a few new library
modules -- ftp newlib.tar.gz as well.

Mon Jun 20 11:10:48 1994 Guido van Rossum (

*, adapt to new (including changes

* record whole command instead of individual lines.

* remove redundant global statements
(Misc): added getvar, getboolean, getint, getdouble, lower,
(Misc/_getboolean): if argument is empty, return None
(AtInsert()): concatenate optional arguments after 'insert'

Sun Jun 19 01:00:24 1994 Steen Lumholt (

* tk_* methods added.
FunctionType, ClassType and MethodType objects.
(Widget.__init__): Name configuration.

* FILES: Add ChangeLog and mkdist.

* tkintermodule.c: File handler stuff.

Sat Jun 18 15:26:41 1994 Steen Lumholt (

* Rename pathName to _w.
(Misc): Add winfo_* methods.
(Menu): Rename entryconfigure to entryconfig.
(Toplevel.__init__): Remove Toplevel.__setitem__ stuff.

Fri Jun 17 21:09:00 1994 Steen Lumholt (

* Interactive mode, update and record input.

* tkintermodule.c
(Tkapp_Record): New function.
(Tkapp_New, Tkinter_Create): tcl_interactive mode support.
(Tkapp_AddErrorInfo): New function.

* tkintermodule.c
(PythonCmdDelete, Tkapp_CreateCommand): Delete HACK.
(PythonCmd, Tkapp_CreateCommand): Don't use argFunc.

* (_CallSafely): Argument substitution.
(Widget.__init__): Use default_root.

--Guido van Rossum, CWI, Amsterdam <>
URL: <>