Re: Mac Python
Sun, 12 Jun 1994 16:50:13 +0200

> I took some time last week to test Python on the Mac. I used three
> configurations.
> 1. PowerMac 6100
> Trouble is that rand() failed. The routines I had written,
> simple dice simulation, always returned 1.

Hmm, strange. Perhaps you could see if the test suite runs ("import
testall")? The rand() function sn't that special except that it uses
floating point -- perhaps you could poinpoint it down to a particular
operation that returns a bogus result?

> 2. Mac IIsi
> Well, this one happened without a hitch, except that editing
> my Unix files prooved problematic. Would it be feasable to add a
> default Python text conversion module. I know :) this is a cop-out,
> but the it would be usefull.

What should such a conversion module do? What kind of problems did
you encounter? I guess that it's something to do with different tab

> 3. Executor for NeXT
> On my NeXT, I ran Executor 1.3b, a Mac emulator. This one
> complained about the software not being 32bit clean, and quicklly died
> after asking me if I wanted to continue anyways.

Sounds like a problem with the NeXT then? I compiled Python with
Think C 5.0 on an old Mac-II running system 6. I thought that Think C
version produced 32-bit clean code (even though it isn't 32-bit clean
itself). Anyone else shed some light on this?

> E-mail :

That's not what the mail headers say. Perhaps you could fix your
mailer or have your sysadmin fix the email setup (or news, if you're
using that to submit)? Currently the email header is

> From: petergun@kgnome.uucp (Stephane I. Matis)

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