Mac Python

Stephane I. Matis (petergun@kgnome.uucp)
Sat, 11 Jun 1994 19:03:23 GMT

I took some time last week to test Python on the Mac. I used three

1. PowerMac 6100

Trouble is that rand() failed. The routines I had written,
simple dice simulation, always returned 1.

2. Mac IIsi

Well, this one happened without a hitch, except that editing
my Unix files prooved problematic. Would it be feasable to add a
default Python text conversion module. I know :) this is a cop-out,
but the it would be usefull.

3. Executor for NeXT

On my NeXT, I ran Executor 1.3b, a Mac emulator. This one
complained about the software not being 32bit clean, and quicklly died
after asking me if I wanted to continue anyways.

So, could someone compile Python on the Mac to :

1. Be POWER complient
2. 32bit clean.


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