Re: OS/2 & X-Windows ?

Kai Uwe Rommel (
Tue, 07 Jun 1994 20:53:01 +0200

mirth@MCS.COM (Gavin S. Patton) writes in article <2t0p2j$>:
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>Kai Uwe Rommel <> wrote:
>>Tcl has been ported to OS/2, but not tk. That could be possible (since
>>X is available for OS/2, including X client support). However, you
>>would have to do that work (porting tk) yourself.
> Really? Is this a commercial package, or is it available on the net?

Commercial. IBM's TCP/IP 2.0 for OS/2 has packages with X11R5 server
and client (i.e. Xlib etc.).

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