Re: Possible bug report and fix for Python 1.0.2
Wed, 01 Jun 1994 12:32:52 +0200

Thanks for this bug report. It's indeed strange that free doesn't
complain -- I can't get the example to dump core on my machine but
from looking at the code it must indeed be a bug! I'll fix it (take
both XDEL's out) in 1.0.3.

> In any case, thanks for the great work you did in python. I've been using it
> to write WWW scripts and I love its clean interface and syntax (as opposed to
> Perl which I tried twice and forgot as soon as I stopped using it...).

Good! I hope you tell this to your colleagues as well -- and also
tell them that I am responsive to trouble reports, and am committed to
making Python a success.


--Guido van Rossum, CWI, Amsterdam <>
URL: <>