Re: [RFC] Draft Proposal for New Python Syntax
Wed, 25 May 94 19:02:08 +1000

-->"Jeffrey" == Jeffrey Templon <> writes:

In <> "Steven Miale"
<> writes:

>> Right now, each compound statement (def, for, etc.) is followed
>> by a ':'. This would be the same *if* the user wanted
>> indentation to control blocks. If they wanted to be explicit,
>> then they would use '{' instead of the colon and use the
>> corresponding '}' to end the block. This would also force them to
>> use semicolons after non-compound statements.

>> In other words, using the brace instead of the colon would let
>> you use the proposed syntax changes. Using a colon would let you
>> use the old-style syntax.

Jeffrey> THis would be OK as long as it does not slow the
Jeffrey> interpreter down too much, I don't see any reason why it
Jeffrey> would.

provided it's practical (from a not-breaking-parser/existing-code
point of view) this sounds like a reasonable solution. maybe this is
the end of the indentation vs. scope terminators debate ?? (please ?)


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