Re: [RFC] Draft Proposal for New Python Syntax

Klamer Schutte (
Wed, 25 May 1994 07:44:54 GMT

In <> "Steven Miale" <> writes:

:Right now, each compound statement (def, for, etc.) is followed by a ':'.
:This would be the same *if* the user wanted indentation to control blocks.
:If they wanted to be explicit, then they would use '{' instead of the
:colon and use the corresponding '}' to end the block. This would also
:force them to use semicolons after non-compound statements.

:In other words, using the brace instead of the colon would let you
:use the proposed syntax changes. Using a colon would let you use the
:old-style syntax.

This looks nice to me. However, I do not see any reason for using a ;
to terminate statements. IMHO, a newline can be used for that purpose,
assuming that macro processors and mailers can handle newline
statements easily. (Or: use a ; as an alternative to a newline, but do
not make it obliged.)

This will allow putting old style code in a { } pair.


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