Re: [ANNOUNCE]: Draft Proposal for New Python Syntax

Tim Peters (
Wed, 25 May 94 01:55:44 -0400

It's well-known that I have nothing constructive to contribute to syntax
discussions, so let me not disappoint anyone: in analogy with the way
triple-quotes allow strings to span lines, what Python needs is triple-
colons to allow blocks to not span lines:

if a:::if b:::tb():::else:::fb()::::::

is just what the doctor ordered. So pretty I could cry <wink>.

Seriously #1: I certainly appreciate that Thomas took the time to flesh
out the proposal! Like it or not, we know what he's proposing.

Seriously #2:

> The resulting syntax for grouping statements comes very close to
> C or C++.

Why not propose rules EXACTLY like C's? At least that would have a
built-in constituency. The proposal now is akin to a mix between C and
Perl rules, and if people like the syntax in one of those languages, why
not copy it verbatim?

dict-literals-can-be-bracketed-by-"d"-and-"b"-ly y'rs - tim

Tim Peters
not speaking for Kendall Square Research Corp