Re: [ANNOUNCE]: Draft Proposal for New Python Syntax

Jeffrey Templon (
Wed, 25 May 1994 07:31:50 GMT

In <> Tim Peters <> writes:

>Seriously #2:

[ somebody else wrote this, not tim ]

>> The resulting syntax for grouping statements comes very close to
>> C or C++.

>Why not propose rules EXACTLY like C's? At least that would have a
>built-in constituency. The proposal now is akin to a mix between C and
>Perl rules, and if people like the syntax in one of those languages, why
>not copy it verbatim?

Better yet: why not just STOP USING PYTHON and go USE C or C++??
Those of you who were on the mailing list might remember my reaction
to all the "lambda" stuff - this is much worse. I just learned
Python, and I think it is great! We have a great figure of speech
where I come from (don't let the Dutch address fool you):

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it"

If I see anywhere "require MASSIVE changes to Python" I don't
have to read any further. No.

J "somewhat resistant to change even if I do learn one
new language every two years" T

PS A Python milestone (or am I not the first): Python has now
been used as a tool in quick on-line analysis of a nuclear physics
experiment. I can whip off some Postscript plots made with a
combination Python/FORTRAN/CERN HBOOK/PAW system if anybody is