Re: vpApp probs

Per Spilling (
Mon, 16 May 1994 07:52:53 GMT

Sorry for replying so late but I have been away for one week, so today is
my first oportunity to react. (Robin Friedrich) wrote:

> Question for Per:
> OK; I hate to be a party pooper but the demo apps in vpApp really ought
> to work, else no one will explore this great tool further.
> For example:
> darwin 16 % xpython

I agree that the demo apps should work. The problems you are having with
the demo apps (in the test directory) seems to me that you are mixing old
demo apps with the new distribution. The "" is not part
of the demo apps anymore and "", "", and
"" run without any problems on my machine.

> The CreateHierarchyWindow function in the Class browser demo does not
> create a readable diagram. The middle of the window is blanked out.

On my machine this works just fine. I suggest you make sure that you are
using the new distribution. Sometimes old .pyc files can cause problems...


-Per Spilling, CWI, Amsterdam, <>