Re: Automated indentation

George Reynolds (
Thu, 12 May 94 16:21:25 EDT

>> Various people write at cross-purposes:
>> > [talk about python generated by other programs]
>> > ...
>> > If the indentation can be automated then the indent program can simply
>> > be inserted in the Makefile.
>> But then the "indent program" could easily remove the "end" brackets too!
>> I.e., if _that's_ the problem, you don't need Python's help to solve it.

Absolutly correct! But the program could put them in too. Around here
we say: 'to Guido' and 'to de-Guido' ;)

>> Those who want this stuff need to identify the problems they're trying to
>> solve and propose something that actually addresses them <wink>.

Ok....Truce! We are talking at cross purposes here and we are on the
border between real language issues and esthetics. The reality is that
I am not trying to solve a problem with python, I'm trying to solve a
problem with writing python. Tim: the message you sent to me describing
the emacs bindings for python-mode, to me, just confirmed my thinking.
I.e...why should I have to learn all this? This is not intended as a
flippant comment. There is simply high cognitive load associated with
with getting something right that I think should be automated. At the
same time I can see that other people might think otherwise. Thats
why I want the change to be optional.

I suggest that we look at the proposal in a few days and see what it
looks like. If it turns out to be ugly lets reject it.