Re: Automated indentation

Marc Wachowitz (
12 May 1994 12:53:16 GMT

Tim Peters wrote:
> Those who want this stuff need to identify the problems they're trying to
> solve and propose something that actually addresses them <wink>.

Quite simple: If someone, for whatever reason (inattention, bad tools ...)
fears to encounter Python code which isn't formatted correctly, he/she can
use "end ..." _everywhere_ and then let some simple tool (a Python program
working as filter, without the need for a powerful editor, could do it) do
the tiresome work of doing the format right. Correctly indented code, from
those who don't see a need for "end ...", could also be automatically con-
verted to use "end ..." everywhere (by those who want the safety, not as a
requirement for everyone!).

Note I'm not at all suggesting to remove the mandatory indentation, nor do
I plan to enter ugly code - I just want some more safety against mistakes,
and the addition of an optional "end ..." bracket could satisfy this wish,
without imposing any burden upon those programmers who don't want/need it.

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