Re: Sybase module -- input sought

Alexander G. Smith (
Wed, 11 May 1994 09:57:54 +0500

Neat. My approach is not too different, except that I am building the classes
directly in python rather than C. One consideration here is that our programmers
don't have much OOP experience and sometimes it easier to convert them
by degrees. Once they see that python is as good as C for "regular"
dblib calls then we can try things like sybdb.sql().


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> input sought? how about a complete module? :)
> This is a fairly incomplete work.. but I have done things dramatically
> differently than sybperl would. Given the nature of the language I
> find it is easier to simply get ALL results & then muck with the rows
> later as parts of the data. This is a subset of the functionality of a
> Modula-3 interface to Sybase that I wrote.. I could send you that if
> you are interested in a more complete picture.