Sybase module -- input sought

Alexander G. Smith (
Mon, 9 May 94 18:38:15 GMT


I'm working on a module that provides an interface to Sybase Open Client
DB Library/C ("psython" -- with apologies to sybperl).

Supporting dbbind() doesn't look very promising, but it would be nice to have
something a little easier than dbdata() (which is what Sybase did in their
HyperTalk library).

At the moment I have a sybase.getrow() function that returns a dictionary
whose keys are the column names, and whose values are the column values
(string, int, etc.).

Does this seem like a reasonable approach? Would people prefer to get a
list of tuples, or just a list of values (or all of the above)?

Alex Smith
Mouse Genome Informatics Group
The Jackson Laboratory