Re: Last expression vrbl (was: python strings ( function func_doc strings ))

Jaap Vermeulen (
Thu, 28 Apr 94 22:22:44 GMT

In <> writes:

>Well apart from what I pointed out above I don't see a problem with
>it. One use I can imagine for it would be to keep a log of the last N
>recent values assigned to '_', e.g. sys.last[-1] might be the same as
>_, sys.last[-2] might be the previous value, and so on. In fact you
>should do the assignment to __main__._ inside the "hook" function as
>well so the hook can be used to choose a different name for it as well
>(pun intended).

What now? Are we going the cryptic route with variables called '_'?
Soon python will really be able to compete with Perl. :-)

BTW: messages seem to reach my site really out of order. I receive the
start of a thread sometimes days later than followup messages. Can
this be attributed to the mailing list <-> newsgroup gateway?



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