Re: Whither Textbook?

Tim Peters (
26 Apr 1994 02:59:07 GMT (Robin Friedrich) writes:

>Maybe this is a good juncture to start working (if it hasn't been
>started already) on a textbook for Python, ala Learning Perl. ...

It takes someone with fanatical commitment, & the time to indulge it, to
drive a project like this to completion. If someone like that pops up,
I'd be happy to hack out a chapter or two for the Common Good.

>... As a FrameMaker user I highly recommend Frame as the tool of choice
>for such an undertaking. ...

.mif files are so big they'd break the TransAtlantic Cables <wink>.
Since almost all the Python docs are in plain-ASCII TeX format now, it
would probably ease development oodles to live with that, Certainly
agree that Frame is great for graphics!

just-doubting-that-graphics-are-important-here-ly y'rs - tim

Tim Peters
not speaking for Kendall Square Research Corp