Whither Textbook?

Robin Friedrich (friedric@rsoc.rockwell.com)
25 Apr 1994 15:48:16 GMT

Maybe this is a good juncture to start working (if it hasn't been
started already) on a textbook for Python, ala Learning Perl. There
certainly is enough material to put together a good book. I suggest
that the book be targeted to beginning and intermediate user. The
advanced techniques of python seem to be in flux. I feel such a book
would really help to popularize Python. Perl has a lot of mind-share
right now and I fear it's being used on projects that really should be
written in Python. The effort would be substantial but if it's spread
over the many gurus on the net then the major work would be just in the
editing process. As a FrameMaker user I highly recommend Frame as the
tool of choice for such an undertaking. I realize Frame isn't
inexpensive and in particular Guido might not have access to it,
(correct me if I'm wrong;-), but these difficulties might be worked
out. Frame can also encourage the use of graphic illustrations.
The thread is open...the gauntlet (grail?) thrown!