Re: Why are intepreters so slow today

John Nagle (
Tue, 19 Apr 1994 17:03:03 GMT (Colin Plumb) writes:
>In article <>, John Nagle <> wrote:
>> (Alan Knight) writes:
>>>For one thing, this is a fairly pathological benchmark. I can't speak
>>>for Python, but none of the current Smalltalk implementations do very
>>>much optimization of floating point arithmetics. Smalltalk/V Mac, in
>>>particular, has abysmal floating point (you don't say which dialect
>>>you tried).
>> Arithmetic is a pathological benchmark. Right.

>For an interpreted language, it certainly is. Each operation in the
>test is one machine instruction (F.P. add, decrement, and
>conditional branch). It's hard to intrepret anything in less than
>30 instructions.

As I said, I could live with a 10x slowdown. But 1000x slowdowns
indicate something is very wrong, like doing a storage allocation for every
floating point operation.

John Nagle