Re: More on dynamic loading

Simeon H. Fitch (
Wed, 13 Apr 1994 15:10:38 GMT

| [From:]
| Yes, the crux of your problem is that you need to provide C++ runtime
| library support (__builtin_new, cerr etc.) in addition to C runtime
| library support (malloc, stderr etc.). Since the Python interpreter
| is linked as a C program it does not provide C++ runtime support.
| I would think that your -lg++ should already take care of this. Maybe
| there's ANOTHER library (linked by default by g++) that you also need?
| (Try something like g++ --verbose on a simple main.c program to see
| what libraries it links with.)
| --Guido van Rossum, CWI, Amsterdam <>
| URL: <>

As I expected, the problem that I was having was a subtly annoying
oversight. Guido's advice led to the solution: our system setup is
such that ld looks at a wrong version of libg++.a. When you run g++
it explicitly tells ld where to find the libraries, but in my case
where I was calling ld explicitly, it just assumed some other (yet to
be determined) library. Once I told it where to look, everything
worked smoothly.

So thanks to all of you who helped me hunt this one down, esp. Matt,
Tommy, ^ Guido.



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