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Kevin H. Hunt x7343 (
Thu, 7 Apr 1994 13:17:18 GMT

In article <> (Randy Winney) writes:
>In article <CnLH88.8wE@murdoch.acc.Virginia.EDU>, (Steven D. Majewski) writes:
>|> There has been discussion on the Python mailing list of integrating
>|> Tk and/or other GUI toolkits into Python. I don't know if anyone
>|> is currently working on it.
>It seems like this should be high on someone's *todo* list. Given that
>I have heard alot of people complain about Tcl's syntax, and given
>that OOP is so big these days, it seems that, if you had a high level
>interpreted language that didn't have the syntactical problems of Tcl,
>but let you build GUI's as easily as with Tk AND was object-oriented, it
>would be very popular.
>Randy Winney
>Mobil Exploration & Producing Technology Center
>Dallas, Texas

I'm using an inexpensive comercial package called ezX/python to do my
GUI's. It works very well. Sunrise Software is in the process of porting
it to RS-6000, HP, and MicroSoft Windows (I think). I know we all like
free things, but for the price and the tech support it's a value and
available now.

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