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Steven D. Majewski (
Tue, 5 Apr 1994 20:17:28 GMT

In article <>, Jack Jansen <> wrote:
> (Eric J Meli) writes:
>>The Cast (in order of appearance [roughly]):
>> KING ARTHUR : Graham Chapman
>> PATSY : Terry Gilliam
>> GUARD #1 : Michael Palin
>Ok, the assignment for today:
>Given that the script was typed in a format that is fairly easy to
>parse, write a python program that reads it, loads pictures of the
>specified actors and plays the script (by putting text-balloons next
>to them). Do this in less than 50 lines of python (not counting
>comments). If you add a speech-synthesizer to also pronounce the
>script you are allowed another 20 lines.

Jack - Can you give those of us without sound output on our workstations
and who are still struggling to get all of the graphics to work a
TEXT-ONLY option ?

Maybe-a-script-that-turns-dialog-into-Tim-Peters'-style-sig's-ly yours,
- Steve