Re: Editor using Python?

Gary Capell (
6 Apr 1994 01:52:43 +1000 (Mark Hammond) writes:
>What I would like is something that will allow me to build a message
>editor using Python. Hopefully someone has started this already.

errr, how about posix.system(posix.environ['EDITOR']+' '+filename)?
Sure, use python to massage files, but we _already have_ tools for
editing files.

I've written (just for fun) a news browser in python. It doesn't
allow follow-ups just yet, but does browse, read, catch-up, save,
unsubscribe all in a couple of pages. I use the PAGER environment
variable to page through individual articles.

First try existing tools, then try modifying old tools, only then
invent new ones.

>I would be looking at using Python to do smart quoting, and possibly even
>colour the quotes differently when reading a message.

This would indeed require a modified/new editor to handle a structured
document. Are there some html editors out there? But do you NEED smart
quoting? The existing system of '>' symbols for each level of quoting
seems OK to me and will work with your users' favourite editor.

If what you're after IS an editor for structured text, perhaps
comp.infosystems.www or comp.editors would have people more qualified?

>Is there anything out there I can start with? Any information would be
>useful. (Another option is to use something like EMacs with its own
>extension language, but we would prefer to have a single extension
>language throughout the new program)

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