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Reporting security issues in Python

The Python Software Foundation and the Python developer community take security vulnerabilities very seriously. A Python Security Response Team has been formed that does triage on all reported vulnerabilities and recommends appropriate countermeasures. To reach the response team, send email to Only the response team members will see your email, and it will be treated confidentially.

The PSRT mailing list is tightly controlled, so you can have confidence that your security issue will only be read by a highly trusted cabal of Python developers. If you further wish to encrypt your message to this mailing list, you can use our shared OpenPGP key which is also available on the public keyservers. Key fingerprint:

pub   2048R/D067453C 2010-09-08
      Key fingerprint = F314 452F E3F9 BF87 0435  7732 D273 E0FF D067 453C
uid                  Python Security Response Team <>
sub   2048R/0953421B 2010-09-08