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Python 2.5.2

Python 2.5.2 has been replaced by a newer bugfix release of Python. Please download Python 2.5.6 instead.

Python 2.5.2 was released on February 21st, 2008.

This is the second bugfix release of Python 2.5. Python 2.5 is now in bugfix-only mode; no new features are being added. According to the release notes, over 100 bugs and patches have been addressed since Python 2.5.1, many of them improving the stability of the interpreter, and improving its portability.

If you want the latest production version of Python, use Python 2.7 or later.

See the detailed release notes for more details.

Since the release candidate, we have backed out a few changes that did not work correctly on 64-bit systems. Again, see the release notes.

For more information on the new features of Python 2.5.2 see the 2.5 highlights or consult Andrew Kuchling's What's New In Python for a more detailed view.

Please see the separate bugs page for known issues and the bug reporting procedure.

See also the license.

Download the release


For x86 processors: python-2.5.2.msi

For Win64-Itanium users: python-2.5.2.ia64.msi

For Win64-AMD64 users: python-2.5.2.amd64.msi

This installer allows for automated installation and many other new features.

To use these installers, the Windows system must support Microsoft Installer 2.0. Just save the installer file to your local machine and then run it to find out if your machine supports MSI.

Windows XP and later already have MSI; many older machines will already have MSI installed.

If your machine lacks Microsoft Installer, you'll have to download it freely from Microsoft for Windows 95, 98 and Me and for Windows NT 4.0 and 2000.

Windows users may also be interested in Mark Hammond's pywin32 package, available from Sourceforge. pywin32 adds a number of Windows-specific extensions to Python, including COM support and the Pythonwin IDE.


For MacOS X 10.3 and later: python-2.5.2-macosx.dmg. This is a Universal installer.

The Universal OS X image contains an installer for python 2.5.2 that works on Mac OS X 10.3.9 and later, on both PPC and Intel Macs. The compiled libraries include both bsddb and readline.

Other platforms

gzip-compressed source code: Python-2.5.2.tgz

bzip2-compressed source code: Python-2.5.2.tar.bz2, the source archive.

The bzip2-compressed version is considerably smaller, so get that one if your system has the appropriate tools to deal with it.

Unpack the archive with tar -zxvf Python-2.5.2.tgz (or bzcat Python-2.5.2.tar.bz2 | tar -xf -). Change to the Python-2.5.2 directory and run the "./configure", "make", "make install" commands to compile and install Python. The source archive is also suitable for Windows users who feel the need to build their own version.

What's New?

  • See the highlights of the Python 2.5 release.
  • Andrew Kuchling's What's New in Python 2.5 describes the most visible changes since Python 2.4 in more detail.
  • A detailed list of the changes in 2.5.2 can be found in the release notes, or the Misc/NEWS file in the source distribution.
  • For the full list of changes, you can poke around in Subversion.


The documentation has also been updated:

  • Download using HTTP.
  • Documentation is available in Windows Help (.chm) format - Python25.chm.

Files, MD5 checksums, signatures and sizes

3f7ca8aa86c6bd275426d63b46e07992 Python-2.5.2.tgz (11584231 bytes, signature)

afb5451049eda91fbde10bd5a4b7fadc Python-2.5.2.tar.bz2 (9806423 bytes, signature)

d71e45968fdc4e206bb69fbf4cb82b2d python-2.5.2.msi (11294720 bytes, signature)

d44a5741d54eefd690298e118b0f815a python-2.5.2.amd64.msi (11301888 bytes, signature)

86a5c0b141c52d1d7dc31ec5a1f3ab7c python-2.5.2.ia64.msi (13523456 bytes, signature)

f72ba5ba35bf631eec94870e8ebeba61 python-2.5.2-macosx.dmg (19200390 bytes, signature)

4c2f7e124287525a93849b0b53893bf0 Python25.chm (4178494 bytes, signature)

The signatures above were generated with GnuPG using release manager Martin v. Löwis's public key which has a key id of 7D9DC8D2.