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Audio/Video Instructional Materials for Python

There is a growing body of podcasts, screencasts and video presentations for the Python community. This page collects some of the best and provides a roadmap to the rest. If you would like to contribute materials, please see the our pointers for creating screencasts.

Screencast Repositories

ShowMeDo (screencasts)

ShowMeDo is an aggregation of screencasts presented by a diverse set of instructors, all hosted at ShowMeDo. The site was started by Ian Ozsvald and Kyran Dale in December 2005 and covers more topics than just Python, although the catalog has a strong focus on Python.

The site offers a wiki and forum, for Python source examples and follow-up with the instructors, as well as a reviewing/rating and screencast future request system.

There are topic-specific RSS feeds including one for Python screencasts as well as a feed of Python-specific announcement postings to their blog.

Best Tech Videos On The Net (screencasts + videos)

Best Tech Videos, or BTV as they call themselves, is a feed aggregator of screencasts and videos from various other sites including ShowMeDo. They cover many more topics than Python but is a good place to find Python instructional materials from across the web.

The site provides various XML/RSS feeds, including one focused on Python materials.

Podcast Repositories

Radio Free Python
A podcast of Python news and interviews by Larry Hastings.
A Little Bit of Python (audio)
An occasional podcast on Python by Michael Foord, Steve Holden, Andrew Kuchling, Dr. Brett Cannon and Jesse Noller.
From Python import podcast (audio)
From Python Import Podcast is a bimonthly podcast dedicated to sharing thoughts, opinions, rants, and intelligent discussion about all things Python.
Python411 (audio)

Python411 is a series of podcasts about Python presented by Ron Stephens, aimed at hobbyists and others who are learning Python. Each episode focuses on one aspect of learning Python, or one kind of Python programming, and points to online tools and tutorials. Python related news and events will also be reported upon as well as interviews with key Python contributors.

Ron has built up quite a collection of podcasts since he started in May 2005 - over fifty as of April 2007. They are great for listening to on the train or in traffic.

The site provides an XML/RSS feed to which you can subscribe with your favorite reader or make a live bookmark of dropdown podcast titles using Mozilla Firefox.

PyCon Podcast (audio)
The PyCon podcast carries recordings of talks from the PyCon conference. Hear the talks you missed!
Djangodose (audio)
A podcast about all things Django, discussing new features in the development tree, how-tos, and listener questions.
Jython Monthly (audio)
Interviews and coverage of specific Jython-related events in a pseudo-live podcast fashion.

Conference Talk and Video Lecture Repositories (video)
An index to many talk and session videos made available by Python conferences and user groups around the world. The site makes it very easy to find interesting Python talk videos and displays them in a clean and uncluttered way.
Python videos at (videos)
Pretty much the ultimate video storage site in general, Google Videos offer a few good quality lectures about Python, if you search carefully. Because of the small screen resolution and post-processing performed by Google. screencasts and some slide presentations can be fuzzy and difficult to read.
PyCon 09/10/11 videos on (videos)
The talks, lightning talks, and tutorials from PyCon 2009, 2010 & 2011 are available on These videos include both the slides and the presenters.
PyCon 08 videos on YouTube (videos)
Raw video of talks from the 2008 conference are available on YouTube. Because they're the raw video, presentation slides have not been edited into the recording and no cleanup of the audio has been done.
Python Miro Community (video)
A collection of Python video resources, including presentations from PyCon and user groups, put together by Miro.
Introduction to Computer Science and Programming (videos)
Video lectures for an MIT course by Eric Grimsom & John Guttag. This subject is aimed at students with little or no programming experience. It aims to provide students with an understanding of the role computation can play in solving problems. It also aims to help students, regardless of their major, to feel justifiably confident of their ability to write small programs that allow them to accomplish useful goals. The class will use the Python™ programming language.