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Quotes about Python

Python is used successfully in thousands of real-world business applications around the world, including many large and mission critical systems. Here are some quotes from happy Python users:

"Python is fast enough for our site and allows us to produce maintainable features in record times, with a minimum of developers," said Cuong Do, Software Architect,

Industrial Light & Magic

"Python plays a key role in our production pipeline. Without it a project the size of Star Wars: Episode II would have been very difficult to pull off. From crowd rendering to batch processing to compositing, Python binds all things together," said Tommy Burnette, Senior Technical Director, Industrial Light & Magic.

"Python is everywhere at ILM. It's used to extend the capabilities of our applications, as well as providing the glue between them. Every CG image we create has involved Python somewhere in the process," said Philip Peterson, Principal Engineer, Research & Development, Industrial Light & Magic.


"Python has been an important part of Google since the beginning, and remains so as the system grows and evolves. Today dozens of Google engineers use Python, and we're looking for more people with skills in this language." said Peter Norvig, director of search quality at Google, Inc.


"Journyx technology, from the source code of our software to the code that maintains our Web site and ASP sites, is entirely based on Python. It increases our speed of development and keeps us several steps ahead of competitors while remaining easy to read and use. It's as high level of a language as you can have without running into functionality problems. I estimate that Python makes our coders 10 times more productive than Java programmers, and 100 times more than C programmers." -- Curt Finch, CEO, Journyx

EVE Online

"Python enabled us to create EVE Online, a massive multiplayer game, in record time. The EVE Online server cluster runs over 50,000 simultaneous players in a shared space simulation, most of which is created in Python. The flexibilities of Python have enabled us to quickly improve the game experience based on player feedback" said Hilmar Veigar Petursson of CCP Games.


"HomeGain maintains its commitment to continual improvement through rapid turnaround of new features and enhancements. Python supports this short time-to-market philosophy with concise, clear syntax and a powerful standard library. New development proceeds rapidly, and maintenance of existing code is straightforward and fast," said Geoff Gerrietts, Software Engineer,

Thawte Consulting

"Python makes us extremely productive, and makes maintaining a large and rapidly evolving codebase relatively simple," said Mark Shuttleworth.

University of Maryland

"I have the students learn Python in our undergraduate and graduate Semantic Web courses. Why? Because basically there's nothing else with the flexibility and as many web libraries," said Prof. James A. Hendler.

"The travel industry is made up of a myriad supplier data feeds all of which are proprietary in some way and are constantly changing. Python repeatedly has allowed us to access, build and test our in-house communications with hundreds of travel suppliers around the world in a matter of days rather then the months it would have taken using other languages. Since adopting Python 2 years ago, Python has provided us with a measurable productivity gain that allows us to stay competitive in the online travel space," said Michael Engelhart, CTO of

"Python in conjunction with PHP has repeatedly allowed us to develop fast and proficient applications that permit Real Estate Agent .com to operate with minimal resources. Python is a critical part of our dynamically growing cluster directory of real estate agents." said Gadi Hus, Webmaster, Volico Web Consulting

Firaxis Games

"Like XML, scripting was extremely useful as both a mod tool and an internal development tool. If you don't have any need to expose code and algorithms in a simple and safe way to others, you can argue that providing a scripting language is not worth the effort. However, if you do have that need, as we did, scripting is a no brainer, and it makes complete sense to use a powerful, documented, cross-platform standard such as Python." -- Mustafa Thamer of Firaxis Games, talking about Civilization IV. Quoted on page 18 of the August 2005 Game Developer Magazine.

"Python, like many good technologies, soon spreads virally throughout your development team and finds its way into all sorts of applications and tools. In other words, Python begins to feel like a big hammer and coding tasks look like nails." -- Mustafa Thamer of Firaxis Games, talking about Civilization IV. Quoted on page 18 of the August 2005 Game Developer Magazine.

"We chose to use python because we wanted a well-supported scripting language that could extend our core code. Indeed, we wrote much more code in python than we were expecting, including all in-game screens and the main interface. It was a huge win for the project because writing code in a language with garbage collection simply goes faster than writing code in C++. The fact that users will be able to easily mod the interface is a nice plus as well. The downside of python was that it significantly increased our build times, mostly from linking with Boost."

-- Soren Johnson, lead designer, Civilization IV. Quoted in a Slashdot interview.