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This is the home page for the fourth International Python Conference, which took place from June 4 to June 6, 1996.

Here are proceedings and minutes that came out of the conference:

Below is a revision of the original announcement.

Come and see how far Python has come!

Meet experienced Python users and interact with developers at the 4th International Python Conference. This is the best forum to see the state of the Python art and exchange ideas with the brightest folks in the community. Past Python workshops have spured great new developments and this gathering should be even more exciting! These pages contain all the official info pertaining to the current Conference.

We had the conference and workshop at the Lawrence Livermore National Labs in Livermore, California from June 4rd through 6th, 1996. A full day of tutorials were held on the Monday before the conference at the Holiday Inn, Pleasanton (about 10 miles west of the Labs). We encouraged all travelling attendees to stay at the Holiday Inn, in order to get special discounts on the tutorial facilities as well as group rates on lodging.

Logistical information:

Final Schedule

(See also the detailed agenda)

June 3rd

Morning (9-12)

Intro to Python (pt.1)
Python and Internet Programming

Afternoon (2-5)

Intro to Python (pt.2)
Extending and Embedding Python

Evening (6+)

Open dinner arrangements

June 4th

Morning (9-12)

Introductory Address
Python Book Discussion with Mark Lutz
Status current (and future) SIGs

Afternoon (2-5)

Plenary 1 - Networking Topics

Dinner Banquet (6+)

Willow Tree (Chinese)

June 5th

Morning (9-12)

Plenary 2 - Systems and Integrations

Luncheon (12-2)

Retzlaff Winery

Afternoon (2-5)

Plenary 3 - State of the Art

Evening (6+)

Open dinner arrangements

June 6th

Morning (9-12)

SIG working discussions
PSA Activity
Workshop Roundtable

Afternoon (1-3)

Roundtable on Python Core enhancements