Annotated Agenda

See also the short agenda.

Tuesday November 1, 1994

| 	 8:30AM  The "It's" Man
| 	 8:35AM  Donuts, coffee, and introduction
| 	 9:00AM  Opening Speech by the Chair
| 	 9:30AM  "Position Statements" by all attendees
| 	11.30AM  Discussion of the Agenda
Here we can discuss additions to the agenda, deletions, and moving items around in case people have pressing needs to see it changed.
| 	12:00AM  Lunch
| 	 1:30PM  A Standard GUI API
Is a Standard GUI API possible? Is it desirable, even it it makes Python applications uniformly ugly on all platforms? How shall we decide? Session kicker: Dave Brennan.
| 	 3:00PM  Interfacing to C++ and inheriting built-in types
Interfacing to C++ seems to be the hottest topic on the list right now. Is it necessary to be able to inherit directly from built-in types or classes? Does the language need to be changed for this? Does the implementation need to be changed? Session kicker: Skip Montanaro.
| 	 4.55PM  The Spanish Inquisition
| 	 5:00PM  Adjourn for the day
| 	 6:30PM  Dinner and discussion over a beer or two -- TBD

Wednesday November 2, 1994

| 	 8:30AM  Donuts, coffee, and discussion
| 	 9:00AM  Persistent Objects
Persistency of objects is a key to Python's success in certain areas. Some groups have implementation experience with a limited form. What is needed is a general solution. What is that solution? Are language changes needed? Session kicker: Guido van Rossum.
| 	10:30AM  Safe-Python
We will try to find out what the needs are for a "Safe" version of Python (see recent thread in the Python list) and how we can satisfy those needs. Session kicker: Steve Majewski.
| 	12:00AM  Lunch
| 	 1:30PM  Steering Committee Meeting
Everyone is invited to the Steering Committee Meeting. We'd like to discuss organizational and political issues such as how efforts to improve Python are coordinated and how decisions about the future of Python can be made. Session kicker: Michael McLay.
| 	 5:00PM  Adjourn for the day
| 	 6:30PM  Spam -- TBD

Thursday November 3, 1994

| 	 8:30AM  Donuts, coffee, and discussion
| 	 9:00AM  Optimization, Static checks, and Compilation
Session kicker: Steve Majewski.
| 	10:30AM  Software Management
This is an umbrella for issues like: Session kicker: Ken Manheimer.
|  	12:00AM  Lunch
| 	 1:30PM  Python and the World-Wide Web
Hopefully an inventory can be made of available WWW software written in Python, and what the missing parts are. An intriguing subtopic is how we can make downloading packages from the net less painful. Session kicker: Paul Everitt.
| 	 3:30PM  Adjourn and informal discussion
| 	 5:00PM  And Now For Something Completely Different
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