Re: If Guido was hit by a bus?

Michael Powers (
Wed, 29 Jun 1994 14:33:58 -0700

>I just returned from a meeting in which the major objection to using
>Python was its dependence on Guido. They wanted to know if Python
>would survive if Guido disappeared. This is an important issue for
>businesses that may be considering the use of Python in a product.

Ugh...can't we have one "living" small language in the world, free of
royalties, free of liscensing, free to be changed any way we want. Python
is not so large that it cannot be handled in house for revisions and such.
If it does get this large it is no longer an extension language. I chose
python for ITV development for just the opposite reason that the above
group did. Because it is not driven by committee, its small, and all of it
is free! I will pay the price of a non-standard...gladly.


- Besides, Guido is young and far from bored, no? :)