Re: tiny bug in

Steen Lumholt (
29 Jun 94 00:06:02 GMT

>The following fix alleviates the problem:

def destroy(self):
for c in self.children.values(): c.destroy()
if self.master:
del self.master.children[self._name]'destroy', self._w)

OK, thanks. I'll fix the Tk.destroy method.

>Now can anyone tell me why my shell is being exited from every time I
>exit Python on the way out of a Tkinter application?

If you start python with the -i flag, type:

Control-C # Exit the mainloop
Control-D # Exit python

If you start python without the -i, type:

Control-C # Exit the mainloop
ENTER # Exit python

So you probably typed an extra Control-D and hereby exited your shell
(I've done this countless times myself).