New Tk interface
Tue, 28 Jun 1994 15:45:09 +0200

I've placed a new version of Steen Lumholt's Tk interface on our ftp
site (URL: Note that for
some demos (MimeViewer and mbox) you need a few new library modules --
ftp newlib.tar.gz as well. From the ChangeLog file:

Mon Jun 27 22:50:14 1994 Steen Lumholt (

* [Suggested by Richard Neitzel]
(Misc): New methods wait_variable = waitvar, wait_window,
wait_visibility and register = _register.

* [patch by Guido van Rossum]
(Menu.index): return int or None, not string
(Widget.__getitem__): use splitlist, not split

Sun Jun 26 02:19:01 1994 Steen Lumholt (

* README: Doc fix.

* tk_dialog wrapper widget.

* (Widget) Code moved from __init__ to _setup.

Sat Jun 25 00:27:24 1994 Steen Lumholt (

* (Misc): selection_own and selection_own_get methods.
(Misc.winfo_toplevel): Return widget.

* New demo.

* tk_menuBar method moved from Menu class to
Misc class.
(Scrollbar.get): Bug fix; self._getints not

Fri Jun 24 17:42:16 1994 Steen Lumholt (

(Variable, StringVar, IntVar, BooleanVar): New classes.

* mklibapp: New shell script.

* moreButtons Tk extension support.

* tkintermodule.c (Tkapp_New): Remove #ifdef WITH_APPINIT.

* appinit.c (Tcl_AppInit): New file and function.

(Button): Dummy args in tk_* methods.
(Studbutton, Tributton): New widget by <>;
morebuttons extension.

Thu Jun 23 22:22:43 1994 Steen Lumholt (

* tkintermodule.c (FileHandler): Make arg a tuple; bug found
by <>. Call the Python file handler
function with (file, mask) argument. Fix a few of my refcnt bugs.

Thu Jun 23 09:37:43 1994 Guido van Rossum (

(Widget): generalized config(); added keys().
(Canvas): added addtag_xxx and find_xxx functions; generalized

Tue Jun 21 13:40:31 1994 Guido van Rossum (

* some tidying up.
(Misc.after): arrange to call deletecommand after it is called.
(Canvas.itemconfig): generalized to support all forms.
(Canvas.find): returns a list of integers instead of strings.

Mon Jun 20 15:46:17 1994 Guido van Rossum (

* (Canvas._create): call _flatten earlier.

Mon Jun 20 15:37:08 1994 Guido van Rossum (

* (Canvas): made create_ methods return the item id;
flatten argument list to _create before passing on to;
_do should return a value.

Mon Jun 20 13:54:03 1994 Guido van Rossum (

Added dictionary mapping names to children, and _name attribute.
Renamed tkerror to _tkerror, default_root to _default_root.
(_substitute, _subst_prefix): move back into class Misc; added
widget Event attribute.
Added functions that return widgets or widget lists:
winfo_children; focus_get; grab_current.
(Pack.slaves, Place.slaves): return Widget objects instead of
Renamed __del__() to destroy() (because of circular refs, __del__
won't ever be called).
Added some names with explicit _set: focus_set, focus_default_set,
Added focus_default_none.
(Misc._getints): use tk.splitlist() instead of tk.split(), return
None if string empty.

* fixed initial fill color of square.

* README: added note to copy to Setup; added pointer to
newlib.tar.gz for demos.

--Guido van Rossum, CWI, Amsterdam <>
URL: <>