e-mail database

Budi Rahardjo (rahardj@cc.umanitoba.ca)
24 Jun 1994 10:24:15 GMT

[Sorry for cross-post to several newsgroups.]
I would like to database e-mails from a mailing list.
(To date I already have around 30,000 e-mails)
What I would like to do is to have WWW-browsers as the
front end. Users should be able to search the database
based on "From:", "Subject:", and the contents.

I am looking for the database program to do that in
either perl, icon, python, C, or whatever.
Should I use WAIS instead ? (I thought WAIS cannot handle
fielded text. Is there a trick to do this ?)
An automatic mechanism to add new mails should be available.

Does such beast exist?
Reply through e-mail is preffered. Will sumarize if needed.

-- budi

Budi Rahardjo <Budi_Rahardjo@UManitoba.Ca>
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