Trying to build X-extended python on HP700, HP-UX 9.03

Geoff Allen (
Wed, 22 Jun 1994 19:08:00 GMT

After a long and arduous battle, I managed to get an extended python
built on our SGI boxes, and now I'm attempting the same on our HPs.

We're running HP-UX 9.03, and I can get the "regular" python built
without a problem. However, trying to add X is giving me a headache.

We have the MIT X11R5 (no Motif) distribution along with the HP X
developer distribution with Motif.

I tried with MIT X11R5 and Motif1.1, but that didn't work. (The linker
couldn't resolve _XmStrings.)

MIT X11R5 with Motif1.2 compiled and the linker could resolve
everything, but python couldn't find _XHPFindKeyboardID at run-time,
which I assume is an HP-ism to differentiate between the two different
keyboards HP offers.

Anyway, I then decided to just try HP's X distribution, so whatever I
ended up with would (theoretically) be compatible with HP's Motif.
But /usr/lib/X11R5 doesn't contain libXmu. If I try to use X11R4 for
everything, I get a bunch of errors because /usr/include/X11R5/X11
doesn't contain header files for Xaw (or much else, it seems).

I double checked on a 9.01 machine we have, and it seems to be a pretty
similar setup.

Has anyone successfully built python with X extensions, including Motif,
on an HP? If so, do you have any advice for me? If you need more
details, I can provide them.

Thanks, muchas gracias, vielen Dank, merci beaucoup, all that good

Geoff "Python's cool, but building it can be a pain" Allen

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