call to scan in

Michael McLay (
Tue, 21 Jun 94 08:21:10 EDT

The Tkinter and example are works without
any problems on my system. I am having problems with and the examples.

I suspect may be based on a particular mail manager tool. The
script makes an os call to the function scan. This command is not
available on my system. Can someone give me a pointer to documentation
on the scan command and possibly to a PD version of the command.

Using the 'winfo interps' comand in lists widgets that died
ungracefully and the Select Application menu only reports the rmt widget
as being selectable even if
more widgets are visible on the screen. Killing and running it
again does not clear up the problem. Does anyone know where is this
erroneous global state being maintained? Does TCL/Tk or Python
maintain a list of widgets in an X resource?