Re: The '.' at the head of the default sys.path

Kenneth Manheimer (
Mon, 20 Jun 1994 21:06:41 GMT

This seems to me like a good idea:

In article <> (Mike McDonald) writes:

> How about a "special" directory name like SYS.PATH which substitutes in the
> current sys.path? The you can say things like:
> or
> or
> PYTHONPATH=/home/mac/python:SYS.PATH:/usr/local/lib/python

I also agree, if i understand what steve majewski was saying, that it
would be a good idea to provide an explicit-path loadup functionality,
like emacs' load-file provides vs its' load-library function. Might
be nicer to have both functionalities rolled into the same import
statement, though, eg discriminating on whether or not the module name
includes explicit path components.

> Right now, the only method is to use my 'ImportFrom'
> hack to give an explicit pathname for import. ( Which,
> come to think of it, is probably the best way to do
> it anyway, but the above proposal would be a pretty
> minimal change. )

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