vpApp update

Per Spilling (Per.Spilling@cwi.nl)
Tue, 14 Jun 1994 15:18:32 GMT

I have just uploaded a new update (version 0.3) of the vpApp framework to
the CWI ftp site. This is the last update I will make since this is my last
day at CWI. If anybody wants to continue the work on vpApp, just go ahead.

The following is a list of changes since version 0.2:

- A start has been made to add persistence to the classes in vpApp. The
code for this is in the ObjectIO module and is modelled after the object
I/O mechanism in ET++.

- I was inspired by Tkinter to add _setitem__, __getitem__, and GetAttrKeys
methods to the Graphic class to make it possible to set and access
attributes using the dictionary syntax. The attributes may be datums
(active attributes), xresources or others. This should make it easier to
make an object inspector utility.

- Made the implementation of Mixin classes more robust and at the same time
easier to use. The change does not affect clients of mixin classes.

- Added some code to the Frame class to make sure that the label will
always be displayed over the border-frame.

- Added a CheckList class in the TextControls module and made the
ClasBrowser use this class.

- Added GetGraphicParent() method to the View class. This method should be
used when creating the graphic of a View class.

- Various small changes to the Model and View classes.

- The menu classes now also accept Separator objects (from the MiscGraphic
module) as items.

- Drag-n-drop is turned off when Motif 1.2 is used to allow vpApp objects
to be dragged. (this requires an updated Xm module)

NOTE: vpApp does not work properly yet on Motif 1.2.

Bye, bye, and may Python be with you...


-Per Spilling, CWI, Amsterdam, <per@cwi.nl>