Displaying PICT (and other) bitmaps??

Michael Powers (powers@dvts.com)
Mon, 13 Jun 1994 10:00:21 -0700

Hi all. I have been hunting the net for any extensions to Python for the
Mac (and secondarily) for the SGI. In particular I have been looking for:

1. Reading and displaying of PICT files on the MAC (24 and 8 bit) and SGI
2. Direct reading of the microphone on the Mac
3. Digital Video support (although I already posted about this and have
been kindly informed that it doesn't exist)

I am trying to use python as a scripting language for Interative Television
development (since waiting for ScriptX for same will be impossibly long).
Any ftp pointers for multimedia support welcome. (And if you think you
could do a quick contract for pieces of the above I am willing to talk)

Michael Powers
daVinci Time & Space